Our venues have a SOUL, individual personality and sense of STYLE. They are our HOME. We aim to honor the past and are PASSIONATE to write their next chapters. This is Longwood's story, our story. Built on a solid foundation, we are always evolving with the ability to be fluid and persevere.

Starting Out

A young couple, Lily and Eli Apteker and their two sons started the journey opening a restaurant, in Coolidge Corner, Brookline, MA. Chef Eli Apteker’s love for French cuisine and Lily Apteker's undeniable hospitality made the restaurant a success with all the local guests for generations to enjoy. Affectionately named Veronique, Lily referred to the restaurant as the daughter she didn't have. They poured their heart and soul into their first location in Coolidge Corner. In 1976, they had an opportunity to move into the prestigious Longwood Towers on Chapel Street with two spaces. They re-established their well-loved restaurant, as well as introduced private events in the adjacent Vintage Ballroom with same level of passionate cuisine and warm, welcoming hospitality.

This is where our chapter begins....


Our Story

With eldest son Youval immersed in hospitality at Boston University, the private event company Longwood Events was created in 1998.

The beloved restaurant and its core value of fine dining cuisine, warm service and unforgettable style, set the foundations for our private events company. Alden Castle, was our first completely private event venue.


Our Second Venue

The Bay Tower Restaurant was iconic in Boston; the site of many first dates; turning into engagements, weddings and other family celebrations. With the ability to see a diamond in the rough; Youval stepped in and gave it a new name and new chapter. In May 2004, the State Room was created with big shoes to fill. The view, the most spectacular in the city is now the backdrop of hundreds of events annually; bringing people from across the globe to see this stunning view of Boston. Since then, we host conventions, corporations, universities, fundraisers as well as the most spectacular family celebrations.

newport outdoor event venue

Our Newport Chapter

Formerly the Regatta Place, this venue was already poised for glamorous Newport Soirees on Goat Island. In November 2006, the concept for Belle Mer was developed and we started to infuse our Longwood touches and bringing the seaside glamour into the Water Salon at Belle Mer. In 2012; we embarked on reinventing the Island House at Belle Mer by creating an chic event space with 9ft doors opening into stunning sunsets facing the Newport Bridge.

In 2017, with 3 beautiful venues in two states it was time to update our logo and company name to Longwood Venues & Destinations.

The Tower peak room

Our Latest Edition

So many stories in these 4ft granite walls. Longwood took over this historic landmark in November 2019. The Tower sat quietly for a few years, waiting its turn to swing open its doors. It is brimming with history and completely ready to tell all. This site was originally built as the First Corps of Cadets in 1891; then used by University of Massachusetts as their first library, then Smith and Wollensky as a restaurant and now... a Longwood Venue.

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