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Our event venues' settings cannot be duplicated. But it is our culinary arts and our planning process that set us apart even more so!

Newport Beach House

Classic Coastal in Newport, RI

Newport Beach House achieves laid-back luxury by marrying raw beach with our signature style. This is the only venue in the Newport area where the beach itself can play a starring role in your event.

Belle Mer

Seaside Glamour in Newport, RI

Surrounded by over seven acres of green lawns on the edge of Narragansett Bay, Belle Mer channels the Newport society experience through soft whites and sparkling crystals.

State Room

Urban Chic in Boston

Perched atop a skyscraper, our urban event space offers unmatched views of Boston Harbor and the city. Its clean, contemporary design allows for endless possibilities for event setup.


Alden Castle

Modern Vintage in Brookline, MA

Alden Castle is favored by hosts who like to show their originality and unique style. With dramatic royal Tudor architecture, the off-the-beaten-path Alden Castle lends itself to hipster and vintage-style events.

The Tower

Past + Presence in Boston

As one of the most photographed buildings in Boston, the grand Tower might surprise you with her comely feminine style and casual luxury once you pass her wrought iron doors. Welcome!

We Lead With Our Hearts

Our event venues are like our children, where having them be successful is not the only goal.

We want them to be happy, fulfilled, surrounded by loving people, & giving back to the world. We realize that being in the event & lifestyle industry, we have the unique opportunity to contribute to the world via non-profit events & fundraising efforts. We host a countless number of such events & guide their organizers into how to structure it to raise the most support & awareness.

We are an organic, ever growing and evolving company. We are fueled by a passion for difference and by your happiness. Every day, we work harder, we think smarter & we are more creative. This is our essence.
We continue to raise the bar in our industry because all of you, as our clients, guests, colleagues and friends, deserve it. Thank you for being there for us.

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