Are You a Vintage Bride?

From flowy calligraphy to delicate English country flowers and the finest lace, we agree with you that vintage wedding is the most romantic of them all! We have been indulging in them at our vintage wedding venues in Boston and Newport for over a decade. The vintage wedding trend has spread like wildfire in recent years. We are not surprised: the popularity of Pinterest, the possibility of DIY to stay on budget, the excuse to mix and match whatever can be found at antique markets and permission to be slightly imperfect are all very powerful influencers. It is also a very poetic, serendipitous style that honors simpler, more romantic times. We thoroughly embrace vintage.

At the same time, you want your wedding to be unlike any other wedding you or your guests have attended. You might not want to do another mason jar idea or mismatched dessert plates – so we are walking a fine line between sophisticated, and kitsch, between unique and “You saw this on Pinterest?” – and we are walking it very confidently, so fear not!

Quality over Quantity

We advise not to go overboard with vintage elements. Go for less – focus on a couple of the most beautiful, artisanal or vintage items at every step. Search out finest, yet simple materials. Think “fine art wedding.” This new vintage trend we propose to you is about simple, romantic, refined elegance. It is not about making a big statement.

Top Shelf Vintage Wedding; Affordable

Vintage continues to be a more budget friendly trend, even though it is less and less DIY. DIY projects are admirable, but you simply might not have the time. Bespoke props and homewares are becoming more affordable as rentals – offered by style makers that are passionate about their craft. These masters of the trade work with us hand in hand to create a truly designed wedding; one of a kind seating vignettes, props that are relevant to your story. There is a difference between a design and decor, and we understand that.

Some think that vintage equals DIY. It can, of course, and it is sweet and lovely. However, we have a feeling you might be pursuing the top shelf vintage; the sophisticated glamour of times gone by. All elements, local and far away, vintage and hand-crafted, are closer to us now than ever before with sites like and many magical antique haunts that you can visit on your drive to any of our destination locations. Our original Vanderbilt post lights at Belle Mer came from our friends and neighbors at Aardvark Antiques. We commissioned our bohemian macrame backdrop for Newport Beach House from a lovely woman in Athens, Greece. We find this incredibly exciting!

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Fine Experiences at Vintage Wedding

Vintage is also going the fine art direction by commissioning talented entertainers and experience facilitators – often not wedding vendors per se but accomplished artists – who deliver a truly authentic experience. Our local artistic and hipster communities love getting hitched at our locations as we strive to accommodate that creativity and individuality and allow for personalizing your celebration. We embrace that guests are open to experimenting and believe that a Longwood wedding can be whatever a couple dreams it to be!




Floral at Vintage Wedding

Instead of white roses and lush peonies that are almost synonymous with a classic wedding, we recommend a bounty of greenery and leaves. We are especially smitten by live table runners, cascading at the edge of an extended royal set-up. We embrace greenery not only on the tables, but also as chair garlands (stunning any time of year!) and suspended from above.

We have always held hanging decor very dearly – it gives any design an extra dimension. This 3-d trend is just now emerging into the open, so we will soon dedicate an entire blog to it. Some of our venues will allow you to attach things vertically – but not all; we don’t let anyone touch our Murano glass chandeliers, even our own people. Please ask your Event Specialist.  

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Lighting at Vintage Wedding

Most people don’t fully understand the effect that ambient lighting has until they experience it first hand at an event. When planning a vintage affair, we recommend going for peaches and cream, light pinks and roses – not only does it play with your color palette and your dance partner’s skin glowing and radiant, it also ensures your photos and videos will forever carry an air of warmth, romance, and nostalgia. We steer away from blues and other cool vibes when designing vintage celebrations. Some of our venues have built-in LED lights where we can program colors to match your Pantone pick – please ask your Event Specialist!

Your Wedding Unlike Any Other

It sounds cliche, but let’s dive deeper into this. You don’t want your wedding to look like “I saw it on Pinterest.” When we look at social media, wedding blogs, magazines, we see so many weddings looking the same! So many ideas executed the same way with just a change in color! We want your family and friends to be enamored by your story, your connection, your vision for life. We want your wedding to be unlike any other wedding you have attended.

Choosing our unique vintage venue in Boston or Newport is a first, right, big step in this direction and we feel honored. Now we are rolling up the sleeves. Brides often tell us that we gave them the planning experience they didn’t know they wanted. Our planning process is what makes us stand apart and above others. We are so much more than just unique event venues!

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