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When a first wedding anniversary came with the news of a baby on the way, this couple returned to the location of their “I Do’s” to celebrate both exciting milestones.

At a Glance

  • Confetti-drop gender reveal
  • Anniversary visit | Flexible photo shoot for best lighting

John & Jen’s Gender Reveal | 6-8-16 | Belle Mer

John and Jen knew they wanted to return to Newport, Rhode Island, the location of both their engagement and wedding, for their one-year anniversary. But when they got the news of their first baby on the way, plans quickly switched from a celebration of two to a celebration of three, with plans to reveal the baby’s gender during an epic photo shoot. To make this milestone one they’d always remember, the expecting couple turned to the people and place that made their wedding day so spectacular, Belle Mer. On the day of the reveal, everyone who had worked with the couple on their wedding stopped by to say hi and congratulations, even those working at other properties for the day.

The Big Little Things

Keeping the Secret Quiet

Belle Mer staff knew the baby’s gender long before Jen and John to make the photo shoot possible, so everyone had to be extra careful not to say or do anything that would tip the couple off. This became especially difficult on the day of the photo shoot. The staff, constantly reminding each other to not let it slip, had to make sure the couple stayed clear of the reveal room – if even a single, errant piece of colored confetti fell before the big reveal, the whole surprise would have been ruined!

Capturing the Moments

The moment was about the surprise and joy of discovering the gender of their baby, but it was equally about getting spectacular photos of that moment – meaning the lighting had to be perfect. The day was partially cloudy, which could have made shooting indoors an under-exposed nightmare, but the planner at Belle Mer allowed the reveal timing to be flexible so John and Jen could take advantage of the best lighting possible. After having their photos taken in the Island House, the couple and their photographer took advantage of the diffused lighting created by the cloudy day to wander the grounds and socialize with visiting staff from their wedding.


The couple admittedly knew how frustrating it would be to clean up hundreds of pieces of glittery paper; many wedding and corporate venues even have policies prohibiting confetti or rice. But the blue or pink confetti waterfall was such an integral part of the reveal that John and Jen weren’t willing to pass on it. Luckily, the staff at Belle Mer understood the importance and said, “Let it rain!” In the end, the fluttering pink confetti made for vibrant photos that perfectly captured the couple’s joy of welcoming their future baby girl!

John & Jen’s Gender Reveal | 6-8-16 | Belle MerJohn & Jen’s Gender Reveal | 6-8-16 | Belle MerJohn & Jen’s Gender Reveal | 6-8-16 | Belle Mer

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