Spread The Love With Event Flower Donations

Flowers bring joy. They uplift, comfort, and support us. Research from Harvard and Rutgers has even shown that the presence of flowers improves patient recovery and has an immediate impact on our happiness and emotional well-being.

Flowers also play a significant role in special events and celebrations. And in our line of work, we get to see some of the most amazing and beautiful floral arrangements one could imagine. Unfortunately, we have also seen many of these lovely centerpieces and bouquets go to waste at the end of the festivities.

We wondered if there was some way these flowers could be reused instead of discarded. As it turns out, there is a way to recycle them and share their beauty with others — through Flower Angels USA, a local non-profit on Cape Cod!

“Delivering random acts of love. Recycling flowers. Warming hearts.” Flower Angels USA is a 501(C)(3) charity dedicated to uplifting spirits and relieving loneliness by delivering bouquets of flowers and moments of kindness to elderly and disabled people. Volunteers repurpose flowers donated from florists, brides and special events into beautiful arrangements and then deliver them to nursing homes, assisted living and hospice facilities across Cape Cod.

Founded in 2014 by Suzanne Carter, Flower Angels brings much-needed cheer and kindness to a frequently forgotten demographic. Research shows 85% of the residents in nursing homes rarely receive a visitor and 60% never have visitors. With over 100 passionate volunteers, Flower Angels create and deliver approximately 225 bouquets weekly across Cape Cod, uplifting spirits and spreading the love.

Inspired by their mission, Wychmere Beach Club partners with Flower Angels to offer a wonderful way for our clients to give back to the community after their events rather than discarding so many gorgeous flowers. Thanks to donations like these, Flower Angels brightens days and lifts the spirits of people who are facing illness, death, and other challenges.

Please consider donating the arrangements from your next event to Flower Angels. Donations are tax deductible and will lift the spirits of so many people.


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