How to throw a Royal Wedding Watch Party

The Royal wedding is hours away and the team at Longwood Venues is full of excitement.  While our venues are fully booked with our own royals that day we want to make sure you have ideas to throw the best Royal Wedding Watch Party this side of the pond. With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle following up what currently holds the title of Royal wedding of the century, you know this weekend is going to be full of stunning dresses, drool-worthy tiaras, and lots of love.

Our first suggestion would be to set your alarms.  The Royal wedding will begin at 7:00 in the morning, EST with a lot of build up before hand. The Prince and Meghan are set to say their vows at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in front of 600 people and you do not want to be late.  Once you schedule your wake up call, it is time to get down to business.



The Royal Wedding is the best excuse we can think of to throw a tea party.  Don’t worry if you don’t want to pull out your favorite china (but we think you should).  From Amazon to kitschy party stores, you can easily find union jack themed party decor just about anywhere right now. There are also life-size cutouts of the royal couple if you want your guests to have the option of posing with the newlyweds.

If you are opting for subtle Royal Wedding watch party decor, Ms. Markle’s favorite florals are peonies.  You can bet on seeing them in addition to white garden roses sprinkled throughout St. George’s Chapel come Saturday.


Just because it will be time for eggs and toast in the U.S. during your Royal Wedding watch party doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a Pimms.  A Pimms Cup has been a long time summer staple in Great Britain and is a must for any Royal Wedding watch party.  The recipe is really quite easy and can be enjoyed long after your party has ended.

Longwood Venues-Food and Wine-Royal Wedding Watch Party-Lemon Scones
Image via Food and Wine

Lemon scones are an easy way to incorporate the unique flavor of the Royal Wedding cake at your party.  Store bought or homemade, your guests can enjoy fresh scones with a side of English Breakfast tea.  If you would rather have cake for breakfast (we fully support the idea), a lemon elderflower cake is a no-brainer.  The Royals plan on serving this unconventional flavored cake to their guests instead of the traditional fruit cake that Royals usually serve.

Longwood Venues-Erin McGinn-Royal Wedding Watch Party-Fish and Chips
Freshly made Fish and Chips from an event at State Room. Photography by Erin McGinn.

If you decided to sleep in and record the Royal Wedding, cook up some Fish and Chips for your watch party.  You can find this iconic meal at almost any pub in England as well as at any Longwood event.  Our chefs take the freshest local fish and deep fry it to golden perfection.  It will taste as if you are enjoying a meal across the pond.

Fun fact: Kate and William served the prestigious Loch Duart Scottish Salmon as an entree at their wedding and Longwood is one of the only kitchens in the united states who also has a partnership.  We are in good company with Per Se by Thomas Keller.  We are all eager to see if this extraordinary Salmon will make an appearance this time around.

Move Mountains Co-Longwood Venues-Royal Jewels-Royal Wedding Watch Party-Belle Mer Wedding-Indian Wedding
Jewels fit for a Royal from a recent wedding at Belle Mer. Photography by Move Mountains Co.


It would not be a royal engagement without some over the top headpieces and jaw-dropping jewels.  Invite your guests to wear their best fascinators, tiaras, and jewelry or plan for them to make their own once they arrive.  Much like the Kentucky Derby, it was a tradition for British women to wear fascinators or headpieces to weddings and events.  Nowadays, it is less of a status symbol and more about being a form of self-expression.  There is often an unspoken of competition for the best fascinator at British events so why not make it a full-fledged battle between your guests.  The only supplies you will need to have are some feathers, veiling, crib, and an array of embellishments.  We will leave the rest of the rules up to you but here is our suggestion when it comes time to pick a winner, the more unique, the better.

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