So Much More Than Just Meetings!

When you’re holding an important meeting, conference, or convention, you want to outshine the competition and create something that genuinely impresses your guests. Corporate guests expect your events to reflect the type of business you run, so if it’s outstanding, they subconsciously log that your business must be the same. We think it’s vital to put on a great experience and that’s why meetings at Longwood are so much more than just meetings. They instantly transform corporate meetings and conventions into inspiring events. Whatever your brief is, you can completely rely on us to organize something exceptional, exceeding your expectations and ticking every box.  Whether you’re looking for daytime luncheons, multi-day conferences, corporate seminars or another type of specialist industry event, we have superb venues that are well-equipped to provide everything you want and more.


All of the Longwood meeting and conference venues are located in culturally rich places.  That means that when you want to organize extracurricular programs for your groups, you’ll find each venue has so much to offer.  Many of our clientele choose to plan their meetings around their preferred calendar dates or specific annual events, and we have many venues that are suited to particular dates or themes.  In fact, Newport and Boston are well-known for their vibrant history, and each offers its own authentic local experiences which you can wave into your event.

A Meeting Of Convenience

For any event, business or other, it’s important to have a location that is easy to get to and convenient for guests.  Our State Room in Boston is just 15 minutes from the airport and a mere 3-minute stroll from all of Boston’s T (subway).  It’s also a few moments from the top Boston hotels and 20 minutes’ walk from the city’s two largest convention centers, the  Boston Convention Center and the MCCA.

Alden Castle in Brookline is another fine example of convenience.  It resides just 20 minutes from the airport, across the street from the Green Line T stop, 5 minutes walk from the Longwood Medical Area and 15 minutes walk from the famed Fenway Park.

There are also two fabulous destinations in Newport where we have excellent working relationships with top quality transportation companies.  We get your group to and from a meeting venue in supreme comfort.

Additionally, when you hold a multi-day event or a corporate retreat, we organize all of your room bookings as we are well-connected to great hotels, with a loyal working relationship.


Hey Good Looking!

All of our meeting venues are visually stunning and have their own unique look reflecting their location and its history.  We don’t use typical, mundane meeting spaces that you would usually find in hotels and conference centers.  Often these are windowless and lack character, with no connection to the outside world.  In fact, we pride ourselves in our Longwood venues, ensuring them to be an experience in themselves!  Our longstanding clients often change their Longwood venue to surprise their meeting guests and to simply mix things up!

Give Me Space!

There’s no doubt we can design all of our spaces with maximum flexibility in mind.  Every room can be configured in many ways – physically, visually and audibly.  When you select a Longwood venue, you have the added benefit of choosing from our house furnishings, or a variety of seating upgrades for maximum comfort.  Walls (otherwise entirely out of sight) can also be configured to completely divide space.  We arrange endless options for socializing and networking, separate to the main meeting area. We tailor all of these social options to your exact requirements.

Let There Be Light

At Longwood, we understand how crucial natural daylight is.  All of our venues boast daylight, and every single one has a stunning view.  In fact, during initial design work, the team at Longwood truly pushed the boundaries using large windows and glass walls.  Our mantra is “The more daylight and view – the better!”

Even our breakout areas are flooded with natural light which creates a sense of openness, connecting with the outside world.  In fact, there’s no way your guests will feel spent and dazed after a few days at our venue (a feeling known too well when leaving a windowless conference center, lit with fluorescent lighting).  On the contrary, they will feel uplifted and energized!

You’ll notice when you visit Belle Mer that the indoors and outdoors almost meld together and when you see Newport Beach House, you’ll feel that you’re on the beach, even when indoors! The primary objective for us has always been to keep all our venues full of beautiful, natural light and an inspiring view that keeps you and your guests fully awake and captivated.  Don’t worry – when you need your screens to be visible we have glare-blocking shades, so sunlight doesn’t interrupt important visual aids.

boston business meeting location
VIP Exclusives and Buyouts

All the Longwood meeting and conference venues lend themselves to exclusives and buyouts to deliver your event completely bespoke and private. An exclusive or buyout gives you carte blanche to transform them to exactly what YOU want them to be.

When you book an exclusive at a Longwood venue, you and your guests are the only ones on the property giving you access to all of our public spaces which we tailor to your exacting requirements. You can take full advantage of customizing your meeting to your brand.  We know that meeting planners report a higher ROI when their event is entirely exclusive, and that’s because guests love the VIP feeling!

Some of our venues are available for complete buyouts. The buyout experience is truly memorable and makes the ultimate quality venue when planning a retreat.

Short-Term Bookings Are Not A Problem!

There are times when you need a short-term booking. Based on space availability, we’re able to accommodate even large groups at short notice. In fact, only recently we hosted 800+ guests booked 14 days before arrival. No mean feat!

We Are Always Hi-Tech

Every event needs technology, and we’re no strangers to top quality, relevant technology needs and audio-visual elements like screens, podiums, microphones, charging stations and i-pad connections.

Additionally, leave it to us to create a variety of cutting-edge, unique solutions for even the most demanding corporate client.  We enjoy a challenge, so we always keep on top of our IT game!

We also offer branding opportunities including inserting your messages/posters/mottos/artwork and more into our light boxes.  This option is available to our clients at the State Room, just ask your event specialist for information.

Breathe In Fresh Air

Everyone appreciates that 15 minutes outdoors can do wonders for mood, attention span, and energy levels.  You can give your guests that luxury at Longwood because we have numerous outdoor spaces within Newport Beach House and Belle Mer. Each event space has its own dedicated, private outdoor area.  We can even transform these spaces into themed lounges or set up lawn games or even a bonfire. 

Loud And Clear!

When it comes to acoustics, they significantly impact the overall quality of a meeting or conference.  Longwood venues are all outfitted with discrete soundboards and other ambient noise-reducing solutions.  We also provide noise-blocking materials in-between individual meeting rooms, delivering the most comfortable space, auditory-wise.

Keeping It Suite

A wide open room isn’t ideal for all events, so we created smaller client suites to allow for more intimate divisions within larger events. Our client suites provide an exquisite escape, perfect for private conversations or a few minutes of recharging batteries.  Client suites can act as intimate collaborative spaces, business centers or green rooms.

newport business meeting venue
For Foodies – Meeting Breaks 

There is a direct relationship between how we eat and how we perform.  We know what to provide to make sure your guests are happy and fuelled up with brain food.  See our most often requested fare for breaks, as well as our extensive menus for corporate breakfast and lunch.  We also have strolling menus, where every item can be eaten comfortably without cutlery, freeing up your guests to mingle.   We are also able to provide healthy refreshment options throughout the day so guests can enjoy these delicious items in their own time.

We believe offering locally sourced foods and dishes enhance the experience for your out of town guests.  Not only is it a part of local culture, but it also supports local businesses, and ours is especially delicious!  Our culinary team can customize menus to match your brand and your theme which works particularly well when it comes to dessert selections.

Breaks are important because they help to build connections, encourage networking and allow an opportunity to reflect on the meeting’s content.  We suggest that whenever the weather permits, opt for an outdoors break and take advantage of fresh air and sunlight.

Service With A Smile

At Longwood, we wouldn’t be the same without our great team.  Everyone brings their unique personality and we are all long-tenured, knowledgeable, friendly and committed.  We are an extension of your meeting planning team.  You’ll get to know all the key players in advance and meet everyone involved because your successful meeting is our success too.


Finally, at Longwood, meetings are events!  We create them to be stimulating, imaginative and unique through our décor, the setup, service, and exceptionally well-paired culinary offerings.  In fact, we are non-traditional in every dimension.

Turn your meeting into an inspired event and exciting experience with the Longwood difference.




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