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Every year we look forward to summer, the time of many truly sublime, decadent Indian weddings. Indian Weddings are often extra large by American standards, call for several different spaces for multi day celebration, and require a truly experienced planner. Longwood venues are immensely suited to deliver all that and much more!  Our venues can easily accommodate parties of almost any size for multi day festivities, offer scenic baraat routes and a magnificent ceremony backups if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Additionally, we offer authentic Indian fare and our team is well versed in Indian and Indian-American wedding customs. We connect best with a forward thinking Indian or American-Indian couple that desires to showcase their own personality yet honor the traditions of their culture.


So Many Options For Your Sangeet

Among the many pre-wedding events that occur prior to the Hindu, Punjabi, Zoroastrian and Gujarati wedding ceremonies, the Sangeet is where the party really begins.

Usually, all of the guests who are invited to attend the wedding come to the Sangeet. Because of a large number of guests attending, it is often held in the same large ballroom as the wedding ceremony the following day.  However, at Longwood, you get the chance to host it in a different room with a different look and feel!   

At Belle Mer, you can host your Sangeet at the Island House and your Indian wedding reception at the Water Salon.  If you prefer Newport Beach House, host your Sangeet at the Surfside and your Indian wedding reception on the Eventide. If you dream of an urban Indian wedding, consider hosting your Sangeet at magical Alden Castle and your wedding reception in the refined State Room.  State Room is the largest independently owned event space in Boston and has the added bonus of incredible views.

Each venue also offers additional spaces that are perfectly suitable for the mehndi party, usually smaller in size.

Scenic Baraat Routes

For many Indian Brides in Newport, Belle Mer is the ideal venue thanks to its vast, landscaped grounds and oyster shell paths set on the waterfront – just perfect for a baraat procession! As is tradition, your husband to be will ride in on a white horse draped in colorful floral garlands along with a lively crowd of excited family and friends cheering him on while dancing to the rhythm of Punjabi MC, Mundian to Bach Ke’.  

If an elephant is in your dream scenario, choose Newport Beach House. It allows for exceptionally long baraat routes and is a prime setting for exquisite beach Indian weddings. We have hosted Mimi, the sweet elephant, at Newport Beach House as well. Mimi arrives dressed in vibrantly colored silks and her own jewelry and looks every inch her own princess!

All our destination venues feature grand lawns (or vast beach) to set up an elaborate mandap for your ceremony, lassi station set up nearby for your guests – a sign of your family’s hospitality – and quiet spaces where your Aunties can take a break.  

indian weddings newport cape cod boston - large event venue newport rhode island waterfront
Whatever The Weather

No matter the weather either, because in the event that the New England weather doesn’t live up to expectation, our spaces indoors offer equally a stunning backdrop for your opulent mandap.  We know that no little girl grows up dreaming of her wedding held in a conference room and that’s why our indoor rooms are so much more than last-minute backups.  We have completely flexible and fluid rooms. Abundant in style and fitting into the theme, they allow for that once-in-a-lifetime grand entrance you want; or multiple grand entrances if you plan on dress changes.

We Know Indian Weddings Inside Out!

We have been expertly planning many exquisite Indian Weddings for over 15 years. Our Indian clients feel relieved once they see how well our Team understands the traditions behind Indian weddings.  We know how important it is for the bride and groom (and their parents, whom we always meet during initial discussions!) to strike the perfect balance between their Indian heritage and their modern American lives!

Indian Weddings are splendid but they are not easy to create and execute.  They need to be carefully thought out so no detail is missed.  Everything must be truly luxurious and we are there to make sure your Indian wedding is the one you dream of.  In fact, we want it to go beyond your wildest dreams.  At Longwood, we assist you every step of the way so much so that on the day itself, it will be seamless, unfolding perfectly.  Our aim is for you to arrive excited but relaxed so you enjoy your own day with everyone you love without a worry and completely confident that it really will be the best day of your entire life!

indian weddings rhode island Large Venue Longwood Bollywood Elephant Newport Beach House by Move Mountains
hello Mimi – on private beach at Newport Beach House – photo by Move Mountains Co.

 Food For Thought

Food is vitally important at all Indian Weddings.  You can rely on us to provide authentic Indian fare, including abundant vegetarian options.   Our Longwood Venues VP of Culinary, Chef David Blessing has created a special Indian Fusion menu. This menu brings you our signature Longwood approach to traditional Indian dishes and has always been extremely well received even by the biggest foodies.  We pair it with our famed synchronized service at the table.  See our mouth-watering Indian dishes

We respect, however, that some believe Indian food needs to come from a genuine Indian kitchen, led by an Indian-born and bred chef.  We’ve partnered with highly acclaimed Chef and Restaurateur, Sanjiv Dhar, as our exclusive outside Indian caterer, to provide authentic Indian Cuisine for your Sangeet, post-baraat or ceremonial buffet.

festive baraat at Belle Mer, Newport – photo by Twah Dougherty

We Only Collaborate With The Best

We partner with exclusive Indian wedding planners who know every corner of our venues.  We collaborate with mandap designers who’ve worked in our Newport and Boston wedding venues many times; they know just what they need to do to completely transform the mandap with sweet-smelling jasmine or garlands of magenta roses and orange carnations.  You can look forward to ornate drapery with embellishment in every corner.  We will share the best rental resources for highly decorative chairs, altars, and other dressings for the most lavish Indian wedding. We know the importance of making sure that the DJ specializes in both, Indian music and popular American music. We’ll introduce you to all of them.

Trust Is Important To Us, Too

At Longwood Venues, it’s extremely important that you and your family feel completely comfortable with your choice and when you select us to be a part of the big day it really IS an honor. We know that trust is a large part of Indian culture and it’s also part of the Longwood Venues culture.

Speaking from Experience:
  • If ladies are wearing sarees during the day, make sure they apply sunscreen.  Otherwise, a sunny morning baraat and ceremony will leave them with tan lines visible in their evening gowns!
  • You can count on an all-day water station and side seating for your elder Aunties should they not wish to leave the property when everyone leaves to relax and change before evening festivities.   

Planning Indian Weddings has been a favorite highlight of my 11-year career in unique events in Rhode Island.  It’s hard to describe the level of detail and complexity of an Indian or Indian/American wedding unless you have been a part of it.  There is so much beautiful classic and traditional pageantry mixed with modern ideas! The vibrant colors, intricate jewelry, bridal makeup, embellishments, beats of the live music – all inspire me.  The amazing sarees, henna designs, and of course, sometimes live animals or sought after luxury vehicles during the baraat!  All of the sights, sounds, and fragrance in the air are second to none. Each one of these special days has been a great success and I can sleep well at night knowing my brides and their families felt so happy! I almost feel as if I had been adopted and welcomed into my clients’ families and the Indian community.  How wonderful, I am always honored to be included! I love what I do every day!


Steven James Popko, Senior Event Planner and Indian Weddings Expert

Longwood Venues

Credits: photography: Anna Wu, Twah DoughertyMove Mountains Co., event design: Pink Lotus









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