Dream Cakes for your Indian Wedding by Creme Delicious

We’ve fallen head over heels for these gorgeous custom henna inspired Indian wedding cakes designed and created by Sandy Patangay, the owner of Crème Delicious based in New York City. For the bride & groom planning an Indian Wedding, these cakes might be the perfect complement to the extravaganza. The rich and saturated colors of her designs, along with the ornate embellishments including edible baubles, are sure to make an impression in even the most lavish settings.


Each wedding cake is handcrafted with designs drawn free form by Sandy (previously a henna studio owner), meaning creation is one-of-a-kind. Cake flavors include: chocolate, vanilla, green-tea, red-velvet, and pink champagne. The buttercream filling flavors range from classic favorites to more exotic, including: chocolate hazelnut, strawberry, jasmine white chocolate, mango, and green-tea. 

Red Henna on a Wedding Cake

Whether you’re throwing a party with traditional Indian customs, or throwing American wedding traditions into the mix – these Indian wedding cakes will definitely sweeten the deal.

Creme-Delicious is a Indian Cake Design studio based in New York City. Delivery can be arranged to our reception venues in Newport, Rhode Island (Belle Mer and Newport Beach House) and in Boston (State Room is our favorite venue here for large wedding receptions)

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