Whether you are hosting your holiday party at one of our luxury event venues this season, or at your own glamorous space, keep in mind these emerging holiday party trends in Boston and Newport to set your gathering apart.

NATURALLY-HUED COCKTAILS. Leave the neon drinks behind. For this year’s holiday party, ask your event planner for naturally hued concoctions like the browns and tans of a fine bourbon and Scotch or a great microbrew beer. At Longwood Venues, we offer Made in the USA Bourbon Bar and New England Brew Bar. Please ask us about the details – the design, the speciality cocktails, the lines we carry, and of course, the experience.  HERBAL MARTINIS. Herbs have long been used in drinks and some of the best martinis rely on fresh herbs or herbal liqueurs. Generous use of herbs is a trend we see in influential kitchens all over the world, too.  EGG WHITES. Add protein to your cocktail. The egg white doesn’t contribute anything in terms of flavor. It simply rounds out and integrate flavors, giving your cocktail a cozy, winter feel. Note for those watching weight and working on their muscle: pure filling and pure proteins.  “HEALTHY” COCKTAILS. Hosting a brunch reception for holiday party? Offer tequila/mezcal, vodka or gin with any fresh squeezed juice. Our BFF mezcal is Gem & Bolt. Gem & Bolt Mescal is distilled with damiana, a traditional mexican herewith mythological properties.  This is not a new trend – we all drank vodka with OJ before – now, however, we have a much greater selection of natural, local, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.


Pretty Hanky Panky designed by Arabeschi di Latte founder Francesca Sarti

holiday party trends

White River cocktail designed by Max Lamb.

holiday party trends Boston Newport

The Gingerini designed by Martino Gamper.


And how to serve these luxurious cocktails? – you may ask.  This holiday party season, in CUT CRYSTAL, of course! Our trusted source, Rentals Unlimited, offers beautiful selection. The collection you see below is from Flora Etched Stemware. We also love the Alex Etched Stemware line.

holiday party cut crystal stemware

cut crystal stemware for your holiday party in Boston or Newport


The beautiful designer cocktail images were our inspiration from a design event in England, that we read about here. They perfectly define this year’s holiday party trends in Boston and Newport.

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