You are not the typical bride

We understand that. And you are not marrying an average guy. We know you have a story to tell that will make many hearts beat faster and we are all in support of you injecting your own personality into our hipster venues in Boston and Newport.

We know you go out of your way for flea markets and antique shops. Maybe you even rented a truck to go to Brimfield. Why not bring some of your found objects into the reception venue to make your wedding story more tangible and definitely, uniquely you. By the way, we go to Brimfield, too. The two handsome dogs guarding Island House at Belle Mer, the sea of repurposed glass fishing floats suspended in Newport Beach House’s foyer – these, and more, we found at the Brimfield Antique Show. We also couldn’t be any luckier to be friends and neighbors with the legendary Aardvark Antiques. 

You support local

You might not care for a big puffy gown (neither do we), but you do care where your food comes from.  So do we. Chef David obsesses about it. We want you and your guests to know where your food came from, and how long it traveled before it got presented with flair on your plate.

You eat local. Why not drink local?

Did you know that there is a local rum for your summer mojitos right on Cape Cod? Or estate whiskey and gin all the way in Roxbury, Massachusetts?  Of course, Longwood’s New England Brew Bar is a fantastic option, especially for a hot, sultry summer day. We know you prefer things made in small batches. And so do we.


You don’t do “structured”

You might consider a Grand Reception style party in lieu of a structured, sit down dinner with assigned seating. Not only it saves you hours of planning time and puts you above all family nuances, but it gives your party a relaxed energy and freedom: no need to break for dinner courses just when everyone got into the flow and your guests can choose when they wish to eat, dance, drink, dance again. We create lounge seating vignettes a la living room of a most gracious hostess and enticing communal tables to inject into your celebration this diverse and socially forward atmosphere.

You appreciate a good story

We hope you will be thrilled to learn that all of our venues have lived rich and enthralling past lives: Alden Castle as the first luxury building in Boston featuring amenities like an elevator, hairstylist and …. speakeasy. Next time you’re here, please ask your Event Specialist to show you the fairy sized door that led to it. Our flagship venue, State Room, had such colorful past as the Bay Tower, that one day we’ll propose it to Hollywood. For now, we’re keeping it low key.


We continue to write the history of our venues and are thrilled that your story here will make hearts beat faster!






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