What to Consider When Booking Your Wedding Venue

The experts at Longwood want to help make the venue decision just as easy as when you said YES. We have put together a list of what should be considered when booking your wedding venue.  The venue will be setting the tone for your entire wedding day and we want to make sure you go into the hunt as knowledgeable as possible.

Date Flexibility

Being flexible is key when it comes to selecting your date.  Available Saturdays are few and far between. However, if you are willing to book in 2020 or wouldn’t mind a Friday or Sunday wedding, you will have better luck finding a date and the prices may be more flexible.  Furthermore, ask your salesperson if there are dates they need to fill due to short-term openings or recent cancellations.  These dates can save you upwards of $10,000 and may help make your 2019 wedding dreams come true.

It is also important to research the peak seasons – often forming around the most desirable time of the year for your geographical location – then ask about availability in the shoulder periods when.  If you are flexible with your date, the shoulder seasons are often the last to fill and you may be able to get these dates for a less expensive price. You will not be able to find any negotiation in peak sellout periods.

Alden Castle-Vintage Ballroom-light and airy reception set-from corner-book centerpieces-booking your wedding venue_Edson Dias Photography
Alden Castle: A Longwood Venue is known for its iconic Tudor-style facade. This couple used books and candlelight to bring their vision to life. Shot by Edson Dias Photography.

Aesthetic of Your Wedding

Deciding on your wedding day aesthetic early on will help you narrow down the venues you want to look at.  You will want to make sure that the venue’s style meshes well with yours. Are you searching for a seaside oasis, city views, or more of ahistorical castle? It is important to remember that while you can make each space your own, it will not be as easy to plan a style-specific wedding at every venue. By selecting a venue that aligns with your vision, you will build a better connection to the space.


It is not often that people want to talk about money but when it comes to wedding planning, budgets are important.  Be open and honest from that start about what you want to spend specific portions of your budget on.  Do the venues you are interested in provide in-house catering or is the price you are paying only going to cover the cost of using the space?  Make sure you know what the venues include in their packages so you will know if you still need to cover furniture, linens, bar, etc. yourself.

What is your guest count?

Wrapping your head around a guest count early on will be a huge help for booking your wedding venue.  Many venues have a capacity limit that can make or break your decision.  There is no way to know exactly how many guests you will have at your wedding until you start collecting RSVP’s but you can make a decision with your partner about how big or small a wedding you want.  It is important to remember that you should not underestimate the number of people that will say yes.  You are inviting these friends and family for a reason and they should want to say yes.  Create a guest list that meets your wants and needs and stick to it.  This will help when navigating which event space is the best fit for your wedding.

Leadership Meeting-Octopus Starter-booking your wedding venue_Binita Patel Photography
Grilled Spanish Octopus, Garlic Chick Pea Puree, Iberico Chorizo, Smoked Paprika Vinaigrette from a Longwood event. Shot by Binita Patel Photography.

Quality of food

While touring and help make wedding venues, be sure to learn about the culinary teams. We wedding venue many of our couples are foodies and love asking questions about what the tone. When your venue also shares a love affair for food you can be confident it is a match. It is important to ask questions about where the food comes from and what items are made in-house. Find out if the food is prepared on-site or in a commissary.  If the venue’s food is prepared in a commissary, be aware of the use of hot boxes (aka food warmers, meaning food probably sits in these boxes for a period of time before being served to guests).

Newport Beach House-Eventide-Ceremony set up with view-booking your wedding venue-indoor ceremony_Carly Michelle Photography
Indoor ceremony set up with an ocean view at Newport Beach House: A Longwood Venue shot by Carly Michelle Photography.

Unpredictable Weather Plans

When booking your wedding venue, while you don’t want to think of the negatives, you should keep in mind that the weather is uncontrollable.  Does your venue have a beautiful spot indoors that will make you just as happy as if you were able to have it outside?  Back up plans are a necessity in most states and you want to make sure that you are happy with them.  Here at Longwood, we focus on your “plan B’s” being just as lovely as your “plan A’s.”

Most importantly, have fun!  Not only is wedding planning supposed to be an enjoyable process, but you are also about to begin a lifelong commitment to the person you love most in this world.  Take it easy and remember that everything will come together.

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