Are You a Beach Bride?

For our beach babes, we offer two sun kissed choices for a beach wedding venue – Newport, Rhode Island and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Both are wonderful as destinations – both can keep you entertained all summer long. We are convinced some of your guests will make a true vacation out of it.

Your Beach Wedding in Newport, Rhode Island 

Famous for its Gilded Age mansions and infamous for its vibrant party scene. Read our curated list of things to do, eat and see in Newport. Choose between Newport Beach House, with a relaxed, white washed energy and Belle Mer, mixing crystals and glamour with sea salt. Can’t decide between these two beach wedding venues? This blog post will help. 

It will be a piece of cake to organize activities for anyone and everyone in your wedding. Sailing, fishing, surfing, beaching are just few that come to mind. Rhode Island has a very vibrant farming scene which comes through beautifully and deliciously on Newport’s restaurant menus. You will also have incredible choices to entertain your group starting with proper cocktails in afternoon and ending up late night in waterfront dive bars.

If you have always dreamt of saying “I do” with your toes in a sand, this dream can only come true (literally) in Newport at our own Newport Beach House. We are the only venue with a pristine beach for your ceremony. We are also the only venue that offers a magical beach bonfire at the end of the night. Who wouldn’t remember forever an after dinner drink and s’mores under the starry night?

Your Beach Wedding on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Your wedding guests who stay at our 18 luxurious vagabond chic guestrooms will have a unique privilege to partake in the amenities of the otherwise closed to the public Wychmere Beach Club. Pristine beach and swimming pools, fabulous sea to table restaurant, tennis courts, gym, spa services upon request. Whether your wedding guest list includes children or not, this is a perfect slice of Cape Cod paradise. Read about our favorite things to do, eat and see on Cape Cod.

On Cape Cod, although you have other choices to say “I do” with your toes in a sand, we are biased toward our pristine and unspoiled piece of soft, white sand, closed off by a jetty to your left, and bordering conservation land to your right. It is a classic New England backdrop for your photos.

Arrive on a vintage sailboat right or classic yacht right into your Wychmere Beach Club reception. All your guests will welcome you at the dock. Take your wedding party with you if you wish for an incredible photo session. Pop up some bubblies. Celebrate! This is a unique attraction we are not aware of being possible anywhere else on Cape Cod.

Just like at Newport Beach House, you can also treat guests to beach bonfire under the stars.

Add even more flair and memories to your beach wedding day

At all our destination wedding venues, you can treat your bridal party to a day at sea aboard one of our luxury boats. Show your bridal party how much you appreciate them. Host a sunset cruise or an intimate floating cocktail party, rehearsal dinner or brunch. We know all the secret spots in New England for a dip in the ocean, clamming, and seal watching.






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