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Dear Chris and Karen

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, this year’s W3 is drawing rave reviews from attendees. Of course, the sun shining on a gorgeous venue helped, but the quality of everything related to the Wychmere facility and your staff, from logistics and operations to the food and service, has attendees raving. Attendees of previous W3s at Wychmere commented on how the breakfast service, including coffee and the scrumptious spinach and cheese quasi-croissants, was great, significantly improved from last year. Availability at the upstairs bar was a real plus and helped with crowd management.

Kukla checked in during lunch with some of the usual complainers, and they only had good things to say. Service was prompt, the food was delicious, with the main course at a nice warm temperature. The wine service was very good, prompt and pretty polished.

Karen, Chris Peters, the lovely guy with the headset who was maitre d-ing during lunch, the set up crew, wait staff, and parking attendants all performed at top level, and made it seem effortless. At times, you could almost see the choreography!

Chris, you should be very proud of your people. And of yourself. Kukla and I understand only a bit of what’s required for the flawless execution of an event like W3 — but we know it takes a great deal of a broad range of skills. You have it and Wychmere (and WE CAN) are so fortunate to have you at the helm of a great operation.┬áKaren, it is our pleasure to work so closely with you and see the care you take with each and every step of the process.

Thank you so very much for making 460+ people feel that they were at one of the best events of their lives.

With gratitude,

Andi and Kukla

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