State Room Love 6.18.14

Dear Ms. Mazarello,

I hope this email finds you well.

I am reaching out to you today to inform you of what a wonderful staff and facility you have at the State Room. I’m sure you receive compliments all the time and it’s no secret to anyone you ask, the State Room has the best view in Boston and Longwood Events has the best reputation. These two things my husband Mike and I stumbled upon almost by accident, with no real prior knowledge of the State Room. In fact, we never initially considered it because we thought anywhere in Boston would have been out of budget.

I won’t lie and say I am one of those girls who has had their wedding day planned since the age of 7 because I am not. Not even with my sister who plans weddings for a living, I never gave this special day a single thought. I use to be convinced I lacked the bride gene, if one even exists.

One night in April 2013, following the death of my beloved Nana, being laid off from my job and the Boston Marathon bombing, I lost it and emailed over 50 wedding venues in the area. I was getting so nervous and anxious that I wasn’t going to have any control of this wedding (after losing the “Let’s elope!” argument to Mike) and we would lose whatever date we had in mind at any venue after receiving several No’s. Diane Sayers answered me back with a yes and the next thing Mike and I knew, we were standing on the 33rd floor of 60 State Street in complete awe of the view from the giant floor to ceiling windows in The Great Room and it was like falling in love all over again. Diane never once rushed us… in fact we spent two hours with her almost missing our next appointment. Diane never had a prefabricated script to read from. She never rushed us or acted like she had some other place she would rather be. The next thing I knew we were talking menus, budgets and proposals. I finally had an idea of what our wedding should be.

Upon returning the signed contract to Diane, she and I talked about what type of bride I would be or how involved Mike would be as a groom. Little did I know she was really courting us to fit us with the right event specialist. My non-existent bride gene and Mike’s experience as a wedding DJ for the past 13 years matched us with our guardian angel, Carrie Scott.

Mike and I had no idea what we were in for as we didn’t know where to begin other than finding a DJ and getting a wedding venue. Carrie’s cool, charismatic charm made the past year of my life so incredibly easy and stress free. We never occurred any problems in over a year of planning. I kept telling her that I didn’t feel like a real bride without the giant binder you see a lot of brides carrying around. She kept reminding me a giant binder does not make the bride and that I was so overly organized everything would flow smoothly.

Carrie went above and beyond our expectations during our year with her. (I’m getting teary eyed now thinking about how wonderful she is.) I kept telling her how lost I would be without her in my life come the end of June.

I have never met someone who can read a person and make them feel like you have known them your whole life. When Mike and I, Mike’s parents, and my Dad came for our tasting Carrie was able to connect with my Dad, who is a strong, silent, Irishman. He is very old school and by the books. Stubborn. Doesn’t show a whole lot of emotion ever. For the first time he got it. He got why we chose the State Room and that has a large part to do with Carrie. Since my mom passed away 10 years ago, all he knows is Waltham and Lexington. He lit up when Carrie talked specifics about the wedding. And let me tell you, he was very excited when the wedding actually came. He was fist bumping and taking selfies and smiling. My 68 year young Dad had the time of his life.

Carrie was always so responsive, helping iron out finer details or showing us options on details we may have over looked. She was the ying to Mike’s and my yang. The State Room is so incredibly lucky to have her. She helped us come up with ways to spend the money that was left over after our final head count. She thought of everything.

Carrie, cool, calm Carrie, was my missing bride gene.

Even on the wedding day, when my bridesmaids and I stepped off the elevator Carrie was there. I could not have given her a bigger hug if I tried. She then introduced me to Jackie. Jackie is an absolute peach and you better believe I hugged her right before the ceremony. She was so attentive and caring. I had known her only a couple of hours but I would have adopted her as my mother if I could have. I don’t think taking Jackie home with us was in our contract though.

Over the year we met a lot of people who worked at the State Room but it was Diane who never pressured us into anything we didn’t want or weren’t comfortable with and it was Carrie who added color and imagination to our day that makes our day of vow exchanging and celebrating that much more memorable.

Thank you again,

Meg & Mike

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