The Longwood Story

We are ever growing and evolving. We are fueled by passion for difference and your happiness. Every day, we work harder, we think smarter & we are more creative.



Thanks to Belinda's extensive experience in hospitality development and management, Longwood is recognized as a leader in the industry. Belinda sets the highest standards for service and design and implements the most progressive amenities.



Inspired by the communal sharing of food, Chef Dave believes in the bounty of New England. He supports local farmers who follow all-natural farming methods. Chef David is a 14 year Four Seasons veteran. He also oversaw 27 Whole Foods locations. Read more about Chef David here.



Named one of the Top 40 Business Leaders Under 40 by Providence Business News, Nichole is inspired when Clients consistently tell her that our team is the friendliest and most responsive in the industry. “Putting ourselves in the Clients’ shoes and going above and beyond to be kind, is what we, as a Team, excel in." Read more.



Scott Darby brings his unique and extensive hospitality and investment experience gained, amongst other, at Fidelity Investments, where he oversaw the financial activities of the Seaport Boston and Boston World Trade Center.



Inspired by the communal sharing of food, Chef Dave believes in the bounty of New England. He supports local farmers who follow all-natural farming methods. Chef David is a 14 year Four Seasons veteran. He also oversaw 27 Whole Foods locations. Read more about Chef David here.



Chef Sean’s eclectic tastes in food are a reflection of his well-traveled lifestyle. He lived in London as a child, spending summers in France and Italy. He credits these years abroad with exposing him to a rich diversity of world cuisines. Later, living in San Francisco, where he studied at the California Culinary Academy, he got hooked on the California style of cooking; fusing contrasting fresh, local ingredients with close attention to presentation. Influenced by local farms and artisan producers, Chef Sean developed his unwavering philosophy that source, quality, and originality should never be compromised.



Growing up, each year Chef Chris looked forward to Christmas Eve’s 12-course Polish feast that brought his large family together over simple, rustic foods. It was these food memories that inspired him to pursue a career as a chef and earn two degrees: one in Culinary Arts and second in Food & Beverage Management. Today his tastes lean more towards the Mediterranean cuisine—light, refreshing and colorful. Born and raised in New England, Chef Chris is a master of marrying the Mediterranean with our local coastal.



Chef Carlo comes from a large Italian family whose passion was food. As a young child growing up in Johnston, Rhode Island, Carlo spent many hours in the kitchen cooking with his grandmother, mother and father making all the classic Italian dishes we know and love. This experience influenced him deeply, and by the age of 14 he began his career working at local restaurants. Chef Carlo cooks with his heart - he puts tremendous effort into each dish he prepares, as if it was the only one.



Chef Roberto’s first and most influential memories of food date back to his childhood. His grandfather frequently brought him along on fishing trips, showing him the proper way to clean and butcher his catch, which his mother would then use to prepare her famous fish stew. As a child, Chef Roberto loved watching his mother and grandmothers prepare papusas, a dish that would be shared with friends and neighbors visiting throughout the day. Today, Chef Roberto is Longwood’s most tenured employee.



Chef Marcelo’s passion for cooking was inspired by the fresh, tropical foods from his native Brazil. With a desire to learn and grow in the industry, he came to Boston, training at Back Bay Restaurant Group, later under Celebrity chef Jasper White at Summer Shack, then as Sous Chef at Masa. In 2009, Chef Marcelo joined the Longwood team at our flagship venue, the State Room. Chef Marcelo loves the intensity of our busiest location.

We breathe a soul into

every one of our venues

Like many who attended non-profit events & black tie galas in the city of Boston, we grew tired of parties and gatherings in spaces that all looked the same: four walls, no windows, salmon-colored wall paddings and crystal chandeliers.
We realized Boston had a tremendous need for unique event spaces – spaces with personality, style, and most importantly: a soul.
We realized Boston had a tremendous need for open-minded venues where guests could feel an intimate connection with the location, where the event planners knew their clients personally and could respond quickly to their individual needs.

We decided to change it. We converted our only restaurant into a private event venue in 2000 and set on an industry (and life) -changing adventure.
A dedicated private event venue proved to be exactly what Boston needed. The flexibility of the floor plan & the adaptability of the operations, combined with the care of the service, earned high marks from a discerning public. With no operational distractions (no off premise catering), we are razor focused on what we do best – creating your event. To this day, this is our difference.

Slowly, we have been growing and expanding.

We lead with our hearts. Our venues are like our children where having them successful is not the only goal. We want them to be happy, fulfilled, surrounded by loving people, & giving back to the world. We realize that being in the event & lifestyle industry, we have the unique opportunity to contribute to the world via non-profit events & fundraising efforts.
We host countless number of such events & guide their organizers into how to structure it to raise the most support & awareness. Our foundation, Longwood Giving, is devoted to just that. We work with non-profits that passionately support their causes, yet struggle to attain their fundraising goals. Our expertise shows them how to efficiently manage their valuable time and money and focus their efforts on maximizing the impact of their missions. This is our responsibility. 

Every day we work to create unmatched memories for you, our clients and guests, by anticipating your unique needs and by honoring the individuality & soul of each of our venues. We are an organic, ever growing and evolving company. We are fueled by passion for difference and your happiness. Every day, we work harder, we think smarter & we are more creative. This is our essence.

We continue to raise the bar in our industry because all of you as our clients, guests, colleagues and friends, deserve it. Thank you for being there for us.



First, we start with Unique Venues.

Be it urban chic State Room with inimitable view of Boston, be it glamorous Belle Mer right on the edge of Narragansett Bay, be it the European history and architecture of Alden Castle or the understated luxury and classic Americana at Wychmere Beach Club. Our locations, their settings and designs cannot be duplicated.

But it is not just a space. Our culinary arts and our planning process set us apart even more so!

Culinary Arts – we embrace Local and To Order. 

Being locally owned, we are proud to lead by example in our commitment to support local purveyors and vendors. We also simply believe that local and in season taste the best. This is why our menus are so seasonal. This is also why we invite you for a tasting relatively close to your event date. The tomato you will be eating in July is just not available in January! We always favor artisanal, local, and small batch productions.

All of our local culinary offerings are prepared in house & to order, just like at your favorite local restaurant. We don’t prepare food in commissaries or in advance. Each our venue has a fully outfitted kitchen and a talented culinary team. With Chef David Blessing at helm, we create ever more intriguing dishes – to be eaten with all senses.

The Planning Process – we get personal. 

We deliver the WOW not only during the event but also through the entire planning experience. It can get deep and personal, especially if it is a very private event. We listen to your needs & provide you with the best possible experience. We have built our reputation on cultivating sincere relationships.

We recognize that our clients, corporate clients and brides alike, have truly deep reasons to throw a party or host an event. They have causes that really matter. Many our non-profit clients dedicate their lives to heir causes and through the event they not only want to show their appreciation to their supporters but they want to spread awareness and raise funds.

Every event need to inspire, fulfill and bring satisfaction and reach for higher goal. It is much deeper than just a party.

Our Commitment – we are mindful of our environment.

Throughout all of our venues, it is our goal to minimize our environmental impact by using energy efficient technology and water conservation. We are certified by the Sustainable Business Leaders program.

Some key elements of our green initiative include:

– Recycling system for all products that are accepted by local recycling companies

– Completely free of polystyrene products

– Independent water filtration systems that purify & bottle our own water

– Energy efficient light bulbs

– Low spray valves in kitchen sinks to promote water conservation

– Energy efficient ice machines that use only half the energy of the standard model to run

– Energy efficient gas ranges, broilers & stoves which allow for more accurate heat delivery

– Energy efficient food warming cabinets in our kitchens

– 100% recyclable & chlorine free paper towels, napkins & tissue.



We make our clients comfortable to just go for it, to believe that how they imagined their event can really become reality with LONGWOOD. We are always original and all about the mix. Our event specialist embrace every style from urban chic at State Room to seaside glamour at Belle Mer, from modern vintage at Alden Castle to simply beach at Wychmere Beach Club.

We surprise, seduce and delight in each of our venues. And those who know us, know that we will never loose our intelligence, our wit, and our ability to be just a little bit ahead of the times.

We enjoy pushing the envelope, doing something that no one has done before. Our guests desire and deserve best experiences, both on an emotional and functional level. That’s why clients love us.


We have hosted:

President Barack Obama, President Bill Clinton, Secretary Hillary Clinton, The Red Sox, The Celtics, The Patriots, The Bruins, Sarah Jessica Parker, the NHL Penguins,
Cuba Gooding Jr, Jane Goodall, Dropkick Murphys, Frank Sinatra Jr, James Blunt,
Dylan Dreyer, Adam Sandler, Seth McFarlane, Jerry Bruckheimer, Corey Feldman,
Jon Favreau, Eliza Dushku, Shemar Moore, Simon Cowell and American Idol, the WHO, Maroon 5, Karolina Herrera, Jimmy Fallon, and others whose names we committed to not disclose.

Giving Back

Serving Community

LONGWOOD has a rich history of commitment to, and investing in, our communities. Engaging in philanthropic activities is key to creating lasting social change and encourages our clients to support the incredible work of many charitable organizations in the Boston, Cape Cod, Newport, and beyond. Together, we become part of something bigger, and touch the lives of people in need. In 2010 Youval Jim Apteker founded Longwood Giving, a 501 (c) (3) charity, to support local non profit efforts. Bill Wilk has been the Executive Director ever since.

Feeding Our Neighbors
LONGWOOD‘s own Chef David Blessing leads the charge on our involvement with this amazing charity. Feeding Our Neighbors works with the Boston Rescue Mission to accept unserved event food that would normally be thrown out. With these donations, they provide much needed meals in the Boston area. With one third of the world’s food going to waste each year, LONGWOOD is proud to be an active partner in the Feeding Our Neighbors initiative.
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Flower Angels
Instead of throwing out countless gorgeous floral arrangements, LONGWOOD supports the mission of Flower Angels by facilitating the donation of flowers from Wychmere Beach Club weddings and events. Flower Angels’ volunteers repurpose the flowers into beautiful bouquets that are then delivered to residents in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and assisted living facilities throughout Cape Cod.
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Spirit of Giving
Through our annual Spirit of Giving campaign, LONGWOOD collaborates with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston to collect presents for the holiday gift drive. The program brings holiday cheer to thousands of children and helps make the season brighter for families who are struggling just to make ends meet. In some cases, the gift received from us is the only gift the child gets. Children get to “ask” in advance what they want. Many ask for snow boots, warm winter coat, cozy socks…. pure basics that other kids get for granted.
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Youth Baseball Clinics 
Every year, Longwood Giving partners with Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association to give back.  Youth Baseball Clinics are offered to children and groups within our local communities on a complimentary basis. Check back at the beginning of summer for upcoming schedule and location. Typically, these extremely popular clinics are hosted in Brookline, Newport and Cape Cod.

Longwood Giving (tax ID # 80-0721310) is a registered 501 (c)(3) charity.

How Can We Help ?

It can get deep and personal, especially if it is a once in a lifetime event. Don’t worry. We will make you comfortable to just go for it.