Dream Wedding at Wychmere Beach Club

Our Wedding was literally perfect. From the moment we walked through the doors and met with Kristen, no one was salsey, the grounds were breathtaking and we knew we had to have our wedding with Wychmere. Ryan, my Husband and I got married in the Harbor room July 3, 2015. Our band lead singer told me that I had to work with Karen Rood, and thank the good lord we got assigned to her. Karen is incredible, I am depressed that I won’t get to talk to her on a regular basis any more. She is warm, polished, organized, and a total straight shooter. She never tried to push us into any decisions, helped us make the right decisions for our budget and plan a beautiful wedding. I am extremely high touch, lots of questions and work in Client Services myself. Karen was always patient with me, and made me feel at ease and comfortable that her and her staff were in total control. I was sold on Wychmere from my multiple trips to the venue and meeting with Karen, but I had to wait for some guest feedback before writing this review. Feedback was incredible – “best food I’ve ever had at a wedding” “That room was breathtaking, so new and updated with the incredible wood work” “the fire pit was adorable and the best oasis from the party to have a cigar and relax” “Can we just got there to eat? or stay the weekend? it felt like a destination wedding” Ryan and I were ushered to the Bridal suite after the Ceremony on the Hydrangea lawn for a drink, a deep breathe and some alone time to talk and enjoy the past apps we had selected. I loved it, I never would have gotten to the food if I had to thank people at cocktail hour and try to eat. Karen gave us an awesome customized Wychmere throw blanket with our wedding date. We had a big rowdy wedding party and lots of people running around and she really managed to keep everyone in line and make sure everyone was having fun. I looked at a few different venues last year, Wequassett was a close 2nd. Wychmere won the business because they treated me like a person, respected my budget, gave me great recommendations like Meredith Fancy and hotels in Dennis Port and really seemed to have a vested interest in me and Ryan and us having the best day. I will miss you guys! but I have an awesome anniversary date, so I’ll be back to stay sometime in years to come 🙂

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