Belle Mer Love 8.30.13

Dear Will,

I think we may have met briefly on the day of my daughter’s wedding at Belle Mer and I wanted to express to you my deep appreciation and gratitude for a job so well done by your entire staff. Emily Saltsman whom we spent the most time with was a solid anchor keeping us on the right path throughout the process. On the day of the wedding she made the entire day seem so seamless, her management skills are incredible and because she is so good at what she does we were all able to relax. Her work is commendable and I could only wish the opportunity to plan another event with her. Renee was also a blessing to have that day as she also made sure that things moved forward as they should and fixed any complication that arose with ease and a smile. Your entire staff was delightful and so kind and really made the event what it was. Lastly your Chef, the meal was impeccable, truly a work of art as well as delicious.  

Thank you all for a most wonderful memory which will be in my family’s hearts forever.



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