Belle Mer Love 6.16.13

Dearest Emily,


Thank you so much for the careful planning that made the Mairin-Nikhil wedding a special  one to remember, not just for the bride and groom and families, but for each and everyone of the guests that took the time to celebrate with us!


It was a pleasure working with you at every step of the way and the confidence you emulated about the grand wedding was surely contagious and we could not have placed our confidence in better hands. You were so warm and gracious in dealing with the slightest of our concerns, which you duly passed along to the right person to find a solution and resolved to our satisfaction. You are an asset to Longwood Events!


The food was exquisite and we have been getting compliments from all the guests with their respective choice dinner options.

From drinks, hors d’oeuvres to dinner options, the presentation, taste and service was superb. Being a vegetarian, I have to mention that the modifications the chef made based on our request to make the eggplant stuffing more flavorful was well received  and it was  indeed the best vegetarian option I have had at any formal occasion. My only request is that the chef should retain that zestier blend as the standard vegetarian option for all vegetarian guests at your events to savor! The lamb and the Shrimp were delectable choices as I understand from bride and  groom and bride’s sister, Joseph  and almost everyone who enjoyed it. Our best compliments to the Chef!.


Let us conclude by saying that you guys know how to do the wedding right!


Thank you all at Belle Mer for making our event a memorable one!


Best Regards,

Celia and Joseph.

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