Belle Mer Love 6.14.14

Hi Samantha,

Thank you so much for your help in putting together the Brown wedding.

You and the staff did an amazing job. Even with the threat of a potential disaster

your staff came through to save the day! Please thank everyone for us. You were

fantastic. I am sorry that I gave you such a tight schedule to follow, as I am sure

that is not your usual routine, but the chef and staff were able to make it happen.

I appreciate everyone’s assistance and dedication to making the Brown wedding

so successful.

The guests raved about the food and I raved about how accommodating your

entire staff was from the attendants at the ceremony and entrance, the food

preparation, the runners for the food stations, the bussers, the entire wait staff

and all the people behind the scenes. Please thank all Katie, Abby and all

the managers for me as well. You were all on top of your game. It did not go

unnoticed. Thank you so very much.

I hope I will be able to work with you again in the near future. I am delighted

to call you my new friend.

All my best,


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