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I saw you only for a moment on the day before “the big event” but I had to write to tell you about our experience at Belle Mer, which was simply perfect.

Part of the work I do now, and have done for decades, involves design, production and execution of high-end conferences and events throughout the world, for demanding clients.  So I really know the difference.

I would say that the word I most often heard about the wedding, was “flawless.”  Every single aspect of our experience at Belle Mer was perfect.  You (still my favorite) and your event team; the space itself, which even in the rain was stunning; the way in which your staff turned the ceremony configuration into the dinner space; the genuinely lovely waitstaff; the seamless dinner service—I never heard a plate “clang” or saw waiters bussing tables yet the food appeared and the plates were taken as if by magic; the absolutely delicious food, which arrived hot.  This is service at its best—nearly invisible yet present in all the right ways.  And many, many people commented on this.

A special shout-out to Lauren, who with a deft, stealthy presence, seemed to always know when I needed something from a bag upstairs, and would retrieve it within moments, always with a gracious smile and a desire to genuinely please.

So thank you.  For delivering on the promise. And for helping to make Rebecca and Marvin’s wedding event so incredibly special and memorable.

Hope to see you again in Newport (perhaps when it’s sunny and warm)!


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