Belle Mer Love

Dear Emily.. I want to personally thank you for being the fabulous person you are and helping our dreams to become reality! I know your job is by no means an easy one, and I just want to commend you on being so graceful, accommodating, and upbeat throughout the entire process. There were a few things that were a struggle during the planning process just in regards to our own personal relationships but having you help us coordinate and see the big picture made things so much more easier. You are definitely more than an expert at what you do, and your professionalism and energy are a rare gem to find! Even in our hectic schedules you were graceful in nudging us when we needed to be nudged 😉 and so on top of everything. I feel like anyone could trust you with their lives after this! lol! Thank you again for being so top-notch! We miss you already, and will look back on this day as one of the greatest highlight of our lives. I wanted to send you a thank you card after we got our photos, but wanted to write this up to you while its still fresh in my mind. You are fantastic!!!!!!

Love, Jeanette and Rocky

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