Hi Amanda,

Devin and I would just like to deeply thank you for everything that you did for us! I know that there were a lot of moving parts but everything was beyond perfection. Your staff was amazing I think some of the best in the industry so professional and attentive. Everyone was happy and always willing to help and check in to see if anything was needed. The bridal attendant was superb she was always an ear shot away and whenever we needed something jumped right to it.

I recall the moment when my girls were helping with my dress and I didn’t see my toss bouquet, she was right on it within seconds. My parents said that the staff was so friendly and helpful with packing up all our “goodies” and they individually wrapped each item to make sure it was safe on the trip home.

Kendall who I believe was a server at the wedding actually drove Devin and I back to the Marriott that night!! Everyone was packing things up or had left so Devin and I decided we would walk back. After walking for 2 mins Kendall pulled up next to us and said hop in I will take you where ever you need to go!! So nice and willing to take time out of her night (off the clock) to make our night last longer (we made it to the bar haha)

Amanda – Longwood and Belle Mer is so blessed to have you on their team you are one of a kind and have such an eye for detail. The best thing that could have happened was Vanessa leaving because you replaced her and became our Event Specialist. We were always on the same page from the first time we sat down. I have so many wonderful memories from the planning process and seeing it all come together last Saturday was really a dream come true! We honestly could not be happier with the venue, service staff, management, and of course yourself!! The food was amazing as well, and still remember Devin’s little birthday surprise at our tasting!

If you could send along your managers information I would love to tell them personally just how lucky they are to have you. Being a part of the same industry I have a great appreciation for genuine, hard working, and  trustworthy people and you are certainly one of them!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Newport and Belle Mer has truly changed our lives forever. That day has been in the making for 12 years !!!!!

I wish you all the best Amanda. Don’t be a stranger!! And don’t let the crazy bridezillas, momzillas, or groomzillas ever bring you down, you’re amazing at your job!!

When my photos come in your the first person I’m calling.

P.S. we are totally spending a week in Newport next August 1 year anniversary hahaha I’m already planning…… 🙂

Talk soon & much love,

Mr. & Mrs. Devin Barry

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