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I’m not quite sure where to begin because I have so much praise for Alden Castle. In sequential order of events, Michelle Sagi our sales rep was extremely professional and responsive as we toured the venue. What impressed me the most was her patience when it came to showing the venue to my parents after we (my husband and I) had decided “this was it.” When you speak with her, you can tell she has a tremendous amount of pride for the place and that she generally loves where she works and what it can offer to a bride and groom as a wedding location.

I remember Alden Castle was the first venue we toured and she actually encouraged us to visit other venues (which we eventually did) just to compare. She’s honest and trustworthy and was a great person to introduce me to the venue. I have nothing but praise for her. And then there is Cindy my wedding coordinator.

When it comes to wedding coordinators, Cindy is it. These are the words that come to the top of my head when I think of how exceptionally good she is at her job: responsive, understanding, flexible, “on top of it,” professional, attentive to detail. She won not only me over, but also my mother who sometimes had very different opinions about how the wedding should go, be decorated, timed, etc.

In planning my wedding, I was sometimes surprised at how long it would take vendors to get back to me. However, with Cindy, she was always responding to me within a few hours. If there’s one thing that stands out the most to me about her, it’s how she was always one step ahead. It was one of those things where she would answer my question before I was able to even articulate it. It’s like she would see me look at something in the distance when I was revisiting the room, and she’d say, “yes, that chair doesn’t need to stay.” While the execution of the wedding happened with the help of the florist, DJ, wait staff, etc., I really credit Cindy for making it literally perfect. I would not have changed ONE thing. Not one.




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